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Online Associate Degrees

New to college? Finding the right online associate degree programs at a University or School can give you the flexibility to study at a time that’s convenient for you.

Associate degree is an undergraduate degree that is achieved after completion of 90 quarter credit hours or 60 semester credit hours of schooling. Its like having completed twenty college courses. Associate degrees are also known as a "two-year" degree as it is possible to acquire within two years. A student who is attending school full-time will complete in two years if attending part-time it will take longer. An associate degree can be obtained with the goal of transferring to a university and four year college or provide the student with career training needed to pursue a high skilled and well paying job.

Associate degrees can be earned at community colleges, some four year colleges, technical colleges, vocational schools or online colleges. Most colleges offer courses online, in the evening and weekends in order to accommodate all students needs.

Students who complete a two year program can earn the following degrees. An Associate of Arts (A.A) and Associate of Science (A.S) are non vocational and are usually used by students who want to transfer to a four year college or university to pursue a bachelors degree. Associate of Arts degree would typically be in the study of business, humanities and social science fields. Associate of Science degree would typically be in the study of technical and scientific fields. In the Associate of Applied Arts (AAA) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees the focus is geared towards preparing the student for a particular vocational skills and careers.

An associate of arts and associate of science degree program consist of a certain amount of general education requirements, major requirements and electives. The courses in General Education include English, Math, science, social sciences, humanities and arts. Students choose their courses in order to fulfill the transfer requirements for their specific major. Colleges and universities may have different requirements. When you receive an Associate of Arts or Science degree it represents the completion of a program of study that encompases general education and a concentration in a certain field of study.

It provides students who could not attend a four-year college straight out of high school for whatever reason, be it financial or grades, a second opportunity . Student can complete general education courses, prerequisites for their field of study earn an associate degree and then transfer to four-year college to earn a bachelor's degree. By the time the student transfers they would have completed freshman and sophomore years and transferring in as a junior.

For those students who pursue an associate degree as career training , they have many options of highly paying jobs. There are many technical and trade careers that only require an associate's degree including:

The 10 Best Jobs with an Associate Degree
  1. paralegal
  2. computer technicians
  3. computer programmers
  4. medical records
  5. healthcare technology
  6. machinists
  7. radiation therapists
  8. physical therapist
  9. nursing
  10. surveying
  11. teachers for early childhood programs
  12. draftsmen
  13. lab technicians
  14. air traffic controller
  15. dental hygienist assistant

Reason why students prefer an Associate's degrees over bachelors degree is affordability and the ability to complete in a shorter amount of time.

For those wanting to return to school to pursuing a career change an associate degree has become more popular. Associate degrees are obtained quicker and are less expensive way to career change than returning to a four year college or university for a bachelors degree.