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Why Learn Online?

  1. Because online education offers more choices than ever before.
  2. Because attending class in your pajamas while eating cereal is awesome, and no one will see your bedhead.
  3. Because the future of education is changing. And so can you.

Best Online College

Accredited online colleges can provide you with the tools to build your future. Whether you want to advance your career or start a new one, online education offers a diverse array of opportunities. Check out our education guides to read more about the possibilities that an online degree program can provide. Learn More

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Education still pays

It pays to get an education-in more ways than one. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high levels of completed education increase a worker's chance of higher wages and decreases the possibility of employment. Put simply, more education means more opportunities, and more qualifications means more security. It pays to get an education-in more ways than one. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high levels of completed education increase a worker's chance of higher wages and decreases the possibility of employment. Put simply, more education means more opportunities, and more qualifications means more security. Earn More

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Starting a new career

Many jobs require substantial training before getting so much as an interview, so choosing the right degree program matters. Good online programs train students to be ready to begin their careers at graduation. The best prepare you not just for a job but for a lifetime. Learn More

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Search Online Colleges by Subject

Several different degrees are offered by online programs, with longer programs featuring greater specialization and more preparation for the CPA exam. Coursework covers taxes, auditing, bookkeeping, payroll, and overseeing finances for small and large businesses and organizations. Learn More.

Which side of the canvas do you want to be on? Online colleges offer several options within the discipline, including art history, art education, and a variety of design programs. Learn More.

Degrees in this field apply to a variety of professions, especially those involving public media. Graduates frequently pursue careers in journalism, public relations, advertising and marketing, among others. Learn More.

Hardware, software, and everything in between--computer science degrees, while heavy in mathematics, are in constant demand. Online programs adapt quickly to keep pace with the rapid development of computer technology. Learn More.

Encompassing studies of law enforcement, criminology and the criminal justice system, these programs typically offer a variety of online degrees and certificates. Learn More.

Online programs for degrees in education generally offer bachelor's degrees and certificates. Depending on individual state regulations, graduates may need additional credentials to be certified as a teacher. Learn More.

Be a professional problem solver! In addition to standard degrees, engineering is a discipline of continuing education, as new technology develops in many fields. Online programs allow for flexibility in degree choice and specialization. Learn More.

You don't have to be a writer to get (or use!) a degree in English Literature. While it does not provide the clearest path to a specific career, it is one of the most versatile bachelor degrees because the skills it builds translate well to many fields. Creative thinking is welcomed everywhere! Learn More.

As one of the most popular online education paths, graduates with degrees in finance and business management go on to careers as financial analysts and advisers, investment managers, and many other positions within the small--and large--business world. Learn More.

What makes a good product, and how do convince a consumer to buy it? It’s more complicated than you might think and can involve everything from math and data analysis to communications and writing skills. Marketing degrees can be part of a larger education in business and advertising, or a career path in itself. Learn More.

Bachelor's degrees are the primary goal of online nursing programs but some offer master's and doctoral degrees to encourage greater career advancement within the medical field. Learn More.

Often heavily focused on research, analysis, and critical thinking, undergraduate and graduate degrees prepare students for both careers and additional education in law, policy, administration, international relations and more. Learn More.

Although a career as a psychologist requires, at minimum, a graduate degree, psychology is one of the most popular bachelor's degrees. Research, analysis, and critical thinking are major factors in a degree of any level. Learn More.

Find The College That Fits You--Three Free Assessment Test To Help You Discover Your Future

Considering a career change? Can't decide between in-person and online learning? Try our free self-assessment tests! Our variety of vocational and personality assessments help you identify the education program best suited for you.

The Benefits of Online College

Whether looking for career advancement, considering a new profession, or expanding your knowledge set, online colleges provide a variety of customizable opportunities for continued education. The umbrella term of online college and education includes many educational programs, which can be tailored to an individual's specific needs and goals. Aside from standard two and four year college degrees, students can also pursue certificate programs, vocational and trade schools, even graduate degrees entirely online. For many people, the frustrations and obstacles of pursuing higher degrees were not worth the benefits of that degree in their professional and personal lives. The ever-increasing cost of college, along with the practical difficulties of attending, have been effective deterrents. But online and distance learning offer specific advantages to anyone considering further education.


Want to get your bachelor's degree in three years rather than four? Can't afford to be a full-time student this semester? Most online college programs will let you pursue a degree at your own pace, and provide cushion for dealing with the little things. Sleeping through your alarm doesn't mean you missed the lecture, your car breaking down doesn't mean you missed the exam. The online college class is ready when you are.


The internet makes so much of modern life easier, why not education too? Online degree programs allow you to enroll and attend class from home--no relocation to attend school necessary. Online courses strip down the education process to the essentials: you, the teachers, and your computer.


The cost of a college degree is at an all-time high. All too often, students pay for the college's overhead, not their education. Because online colleges don't have to pay for building space, fund athletic teams, or house students, they can offer a quality education for a fraction of the price. Online colleges save, and so do you.

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